Common Sense’s Approach to Liquidity and Security in Digital Asset Management

The cryptocurrency industry constantly evolves, and companies must adapt to new challenges to stay competitive.

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At CommonSense we recognized this and partnered with Ceffu to update our infrastructure and explore new security and liquidity strategies for institutional clients.

CommonSense founding team

This partnership allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients and remain at the forefront of the industry.

In simple terms, at CommonSense we are creating innovative tokenized products and bundles them to create a diverse digital portfolio for long-term investments. To meet the needs of our clients, our technological infrastructure must always be up-to-date.

“With Ceffu as our custody partner, we have the right infrastructure that allows us to provide our strategies much more securely. We’re essentially able to create more products and strategies around the solutions their team continuously develops, which is why our partnership has been so successful”, Eduardo Forte, Co-Founder & CEO of CommonSense, commented. “This successful partnership has allowed CommonSense to serve its clients better,” our CEO added.

Protecting Your Digital Wealth

What do we do?

At CommonSense, we implemented a new cold storage solution to meet the highest security standards for securely storing and managing digital assets. Cold storage doesn’t depend on the internet or any network, making it more resilient to cyber-attacks. Private keys are stored in a security system based on multi-party computation (MPC) technology.

MPC eliminates the need to store private keys in a single location, reducing the risk of a single point of failure if one of the private keys is compromised. Instead, critical parts are stored on disconnected devices in different geographic locations, optimizing the security of storing and transferring digital assets. This ensures that clients’ assets are well-protected, giving them peace of mind.

Liquidity is king

Why we choose Ceffu?

Maintaining liquidity is crucial in the cryptocurrency industry, and at CommonSense we understand this. To ensure that their investors can liquidate their deposits quickly, we integrated Mirror and Binance Exchange. This allows investors to liquidate their deposits quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

Binance Exchange offers the best liquidity, and CommonSense can operate on the exchange without moving its assets from cold storage at Ceffu. This has been the perfect functionality to continue executing our trading strategies.

These security measures and improvements are designed to directly benefit CommonSense investors by providing them with better services.

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